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e-Library is our Library Management Software for all Public & Private Libraries

Before Downloading & Installing this Software Please Get Download & Install our Globus_Support.exe Software by Clicking here to avoid getting any errors while running the Software.

"Library Management Software" - is complete Library Management software for all type of educational institutes, Public and Private Libraries. The Software is designed and developed keeping in view the requirement and comfort of Library Management body as well as operators and users of this software. The software is well equipped with security and data validating features.

The power of this software lies in its easy to use approach and user friendly atmosphere. This software makes your working smooth while saving about 90% of manual work, resulting into a hassle free and paper less Management.

Library Management Software

This Module helps you to tracking  the Books /Magazine information like total numbers of the copy for a particular Books/Magazine with publisher, location and Author wise. All Books/Magazines present or not in Library, if not then To whom it has been issued and a period for issued, if period is over then receiving with late fee and also Report like total Fee collection from Library, Purchase Register, Item Ledger for a day, month, year and between two dates

  • Issue Register, Return Register, Late Fee, Stock In Hand, Book Location
  • Book Tracking, Book Register, Purchase Register....

Security: Library Management Software has a utility to create user and there passwords, you can allocated different rights and duties to different user, a user can work only on the specified areas of the software.

"Special Feature : User Based Security System"

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