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Online Examination Software

Online Examination Software is a Test Management Software to create and conduct computer based online examination. It is a most powerful user friendly test generator, exam generator educational software available in the academic market at affordable price. You can even administer the examination in conventional method by printing the question papers. Be your kid's tutor yourself by taking tuitions using Exam Software. You can create your own eLearning study material, quiz for academic development of kids. Assume the responsibility of supervising your children and make their career brighter. Multiple language support enables you to create test/exam/quiz in any language.

For schools, colleges, coachings, universities managing the examination has never been easy. Now school teachers and college/university professors can manage question papers very easily.

Online Examination Software a powerful educational software for online examination. You can create quiz, question bank, certification examination questions in any language. Useful for school, college, university, teachers, coachings and professors for managing question papers and examinations. Recruiting agencies, companies can use it for candidate's skills evaluation by conducting online test. It is very useful for parents in the academic development of kids to improve their educational skills.

Teacher Console

  • Set both multiple and paragraph questions for each class and subject.
  • Assign questions from the above collection.
  • Set exam code as well as the duration of each examination.
  • Delete or edit any question.
  • View the results immediately for multiple choice questions.
  • Import marks accordingly in paragraph type questions.
  • Viewing the marks of each student of the particular class.

Student Console

  • View questions by entering the Roll No: and exam code.
  • View the results immediately for multiple choice questions.
  • Know their results for paragraph type questions after correction by the teacher.
  • View the whole progress report after completing their examination.

Software Products

Software Products