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Edu-Smart is Offline Sinlge user & Multi-user Education ERP Software for All Schools, Colleges & Institutes.

Before Downloading & Installing this Software Please Get Download & Install our Globus_Support.exe Software by Clicking here to avoid getting any errors while running the Software.

Smart E-Campus (Web Based School ERP Package)

Necessity is the Mother of Invention. After Smart e-Campus the need was felt for an interface for students, faculty, parents & management to access the data of the ERP. Thus, the idea of Smart Campus was conceptualized by the Globus Multiservices Private Limited Team. Please call us at +91-8299196902 for the pricing & quotation

Smart e-Campus is intranet/internet based web application which helps students, faculty, parents & administrative staff to use the data of Smart Campus, access relevant reports and handle day to day processes from any where in the campus or any where in the world. It lets the users to interact with basic operation & information of Smart Campus as it is an inherited web tool for Smart Campus.

Smart Campus is a complete secured system as it picks up only the relevant entries for each student, faculty, parents & administrator area and shows them individually to the users with complete security. Also, Smart Campus is an information sharing system which provides easy accessibility to all students, parents, faculty and administration to share information, notices, assignments etc.

Student / Parents Login Module

  • Campus News
  • Homework
  • Assignments
  • Online leave application (both student & staff)
  • Due Fees report
  • Attendance Record
  • Academic Time Table
  • Exam Time Table
  • Exam Sitting Arrangement
  • Performance in Exam
  • Library Book Searching
  • Student Guidelines
  • Downloads
  • Academic Calendar

Faculty Login

  • Attendance of students
  • Input Exam Date
  • Online leave application
  • Access Time Table
  • Access Exam Time Table
  • Library Book searching
  • Attendance of students
  • Campus News
  • Student Guidelines
  • Downloads
  • Academic Calendar
  • Internal Messaging

Administrative Login System

  • Academic Calendar
  • Library Book Searching
  • Online leave application Control
  • Access/Create Time Table
  • Access/Create Exam Time Table
  • Faculty / Student Log
  • Access Attendance of students
  • Campus News / Notice Manager
  • Student Guidelines
  • Faculty Listing
  • Academic Calendar
  • Examination Management
  • Training & Placement Management
  • Internal Messaging
  • SMS Alert

Accessible Reports to Administrator

  • Student Fee Reports
  • Library Stock Report
  • Faculty Attendance Report
  • Student Performance Report
  • View Faculty Profile
  • Student Attendance Report
  • Time Table of Teacher

Student Alumni Module

  • Student Alumni is management module handles all alumni activities.
  • Public Search
  • Old Student Registration
  • Registered User's Search
  • Internal Messaging System

Benefit For Student

  • Better flow of information regarding calendar, homework, assignments & announcements better.
  • Get connected with alumni to gain from their vast and varied experiences.
  • Better access to library material and other references.
  • Improves Communication with teachers & class mates.

Benefit For Parents

  • More open and easy interaction with administration & faculty.
  • Instant access to all the day to day information related to child.
  • Possible to monitor the performance of their child from anywhere anytime on the internet.
  • Complete online and offline functionality leaving nothing unturned to bring it as an effective management system.
  • Save hours and money in lots of communication aspects.
  • Access to grades, attendance, fee status, exam schedule announcements for students.
  • Proactive measures like SMS that keeps them in the loop.

Benefit For Faculty

  • More Concentration on students as paper work is less.
  • Improves teaching effectiveness through content and information about student.
  • Reduces long term planning.
  • Internal Messaging system.
  • Complete attendance automation.
  • Interact with parents efficiently and effectively.
  • Manage class information and analytical reports.
  • Great focus on teaching and less on time consuming administrative functions viz. Student records, class schedules, reports, attendance etc.
  • Improved quality of interaction between parents and institutes administration.

Benefit For Administrator

  • Publish articles to share experience, knowledge and views.
  • Achieve global outlook and exposure for the institute and its constituents.
  • Reduces paper work, no data redundancy, reduces piles of files.
  • Save man hrs. in managing information with automation.
  • Instant access to the information required  for quick and accurate decision making.
  • Single software handling everything saves a lots of investment in different software and management issues.

SMS Plug-in

SMS (Short Message Service) based interactive system is a One/ two way information broadcasting tool to provide Institute/ Organization related information to the students/ parents/ visitors / Customers on their Mobile Phones using SMS facility. SMS tool is very interactive and robust system to get information on the mobile phone as and when required. The system can be customized in line with specific needs.

Following are the few usages of the SMS base interactive system for Educational Institutions:

  • Registration and Admission
  • Fee details
  • Attendance status of the student
  • Result details
  • Special Announcements for parents etc

Smart Card Plug-in

A Smart Card (Radio Frequency Identification) a type of chip card – is a plastic card embedded with a computer chip that stores and transacts data. Smart cards greatly improve the convenience and security of any transaction as they provide tamper-proof storage of user and account identity. They protect against a full range of security threats, from careless storage of user passwords to sophisticated system hacks. Multifunction Smart cards can also serve as network system access and User account access card.

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