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Smart Class Services


Globus Multiservices Private Limited is an Information Technology Company is now providing Smart Class Room Setup and it's Digital Content with 360 degree Program to wide variety of clients across India in the name of GIS-Smart School.

The company is also the official content provider for Comprehensive Online (and Offline) Learning Management System for CCE vide CBSE Letter of Award CBSE / ACAD / DIR. (ART&I) / RFP (CCE ONLINE) 2013 dated 20.05.2013 of CBSE (Powered by SMART SCHOOL ICT).


GIS-SmartSchool ICT (K-12):  GIS-SmartSchool ICT is revolutionary product for the next generation schools in the ICT domain. The product has been designed to harness the best possible technology available and overcome the deficiencies in the offering of the existing players in the eLearning sector.

The solution comprises of High Definition 3D educational content along with host of e-Learning applications to harness the latest in the technology. The GIS-SmartSchool solution provides a holistic solution to the school in terms of educational value in the most cost effective way.

How it works?

The GIS-SmartSchool ICT solution provides a holistic solution to the school in terms of educational value in the most cost effective way.

To convert your classroom into a smart class, all you need is an audio-visual hardware with the GIS-SmartSchool ICT software. With GIS-SmartSchool ICT software, you have the flexibility to choose any audio-visual hardware device you like, and we run on all !


USP of our solution:-

1)  Easy to install and maintain. Does not require server, LAN networking and specialized resource person to maintain the system. So our solution can  work on the existing Audio visual equipments present in the schools.


                                   Interactive whiteboard + Green Board


 Key Features OF Solution :


A.  High Definition 3D content based Content, mapped to NCERT

As a part of Multi-Sensory approach, our content is composed of High Definition 3D modules, which have been tailor made to student’s requirement. 3D content with its depth perception promotes better level of understanding in the students. All the Major topics have been developed through this technology. The content has been prepared by the top educationist from the top institutions of the country. The content has been reviewed by the esteemed panel of experts from NCERT and SCERT.

B.  Content STRICTLY based on the CCE pattern

With the introduction of CCE, it has become more relevant now to incorporate CCE in the teaching methodology. We have made sure that the entire content has been mapped to the latest CCE pattern. The content has been carefully designed to reap the best possible benefits of the latest CCE curriculum introduced by CBSE.

C.  Fully Solved NCERT BOOK




NCERT book is a standard book that is followed all across the boards. The question set as per NCERT book is the standard set of questions used by the teacher community at large, in order to ease off the load from the teachers, we have integrated solution of each and every question in our package for all the classes and all the subjects from Class 6-10.


D.  Host of e-Learning Applications

We believe in exploiting technology for the use of students. The content include host of LATEST e-Learning applications that felicitates better learning in the students.

                    Dictionary Application

                    Translator Application

                    Wikipedia Application

                    Electronic Map Work.


E.  Offline/Online Assessment Engine

We strongly believe that the best way to study is to self-study. For self-study purpose we have a robust assessment engine, containing over 1 lac question bank to practise from. The assessment environment is both online and offline hence can be used both at school and home. The engine can be used on any device, ranging from a laptop, desktop, tablet to any other hardware medium.

F.  Teacher Resource area

We believe that apart from students, our content can be a great value add for the teacher community also. With every school, where we are selling, we are providing software and notes content to the teacher for their up gradation and personal reading. Software includes Encyclopaedia, Video package and High quality educational notes.


G.  Complete test analysis

The software has been designed in such a manner so as to provide the best possible test analysis for the student. The software provides complete chapter wise analysis for the student’s performance and provides real time suggestions for its improvement.

The complete testing history gets stored on the server or the local machine and can be easily viewed for future reference. 



H.  GK/IQ testing platform

The software also has large repository of GK/IQ questions for students to practise.



I.  Complete Set of NCERT books

Along with the GIS-SmartSchool ICT package, we also bundle NCERT books for student’s reference.


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